Community Poverty Reduction Summit Report

What Does Poverty Mean to You

The Dufferin Country Poverty Reduction Task Force (DCPRTF) hosted the Community Poverty Reduction Summit on Wednesday Jan 17, 2018 and over 80 community members were in attendance.

In a follow up survey we asked:
Please share what specific information about Poverty Reduction you took away from the Summit that was new or most impactful for you.

I was surprised to learn Dufferin county is in a housing crisis situation and how this is impacting the community! I was relieved to hear food insecurity is still a concern. I’m very glad I attended this summit as there was a lot of informative information shared as well as life experiences. Great Job!!!

Across the board, every age group and service are advocating for affordable housing. The passion of service workers is evident. Dufferin County Community Services is making significant changes in how they are engaging the people they serve. I am impressed with hearing barriers identified and the specific actions taken to remove the barriers.

Personal stories were great. To hear how agencies are collaborating was good to hear too. Like that we have DCMOVES and our community working so closely together. Agree we need to do something up front otherwise we will be dealing with the issue on the back-end. It is evident that Seniors are going to the be the issue moving forward.

Presentations and Documents from the Summit

Follow Up Survey Data